Functional Zero

Getting to Functional Zero in Our Region

The goal of the Getting To Zero campaign is to reach Functional Zero – when the number of individuals experiencing a housing crisis is equal to or fewer than the number of permanent housing units available to them.

The Getting To Zero campaign supports the Housing First model to implement a region-wide, data-driven, results-oriented system that aligns resources and services to ensure we reach functional zero across all three counties.

Current System

Current funding for homeless response comes from a variety of sources, and the money is often allocated to different homeless services and programs without any coordinated effort to maximize efficiency. While all of these homeless service providers offer value to our community, aligning resources to support a Housing First response to homelessness will ensure we are maximizing our investments across our region.

Current Funding Structure

Getting To Zero

The Getting To Zero campaign will support Placer, Sacramento and Yolo counties as they build and implement a Housing First no-or-low barrier response to homelessness. By aligning government, private and philanthropic funding in support of the Housing First model, we can leverage our existing dollars and attract new funding to support a regional Housing First approach – which will improve the health of individuals and the wellbeing of our communities.

Housing Crisis Resolution System